I’d Say, “Well played," But He Already Knows That



As you have probably heard Al Jazeera recently bought Al Gore’s Current TV for “a reported $500 million.”  Before his personal taxes, that should garner Gore $100 million.  This sum alone makes him worth more than Mitt Romney , and that makes me smile.  But, it also makes me raise an eye brow.  Why would Gore sell Current TV now?  Why not last year or next year?

What you may not know is that Al Gore also sits on Apple’s Board of Directors;  or that almost one month prior to the day the Current TV announcement, Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO told NBC’s 30 Rock that television is “a market that we have intense interest in, and it’s a market that we see that has been left behind.”

The Current TV deal no doubt took months to orchestrate but the timing is interesting in light of the Tim Cook interview.  It makes me wonder what Al Gore knows about the future of television that Al Jazeera doesn't.

UPDATE: Jan 18th, Gore just used some of his new wealth to buy $29 Million Worth Of Apple Stock