The New Normal

So above is a slide from when I spoke at the FJCCSGA state conference in 2009.  It's a mental note  to which I often return.  The quote on it is from Microsoft's Q2 Earnings Call Transcript.  Here is a fuller version of that quote.  "We are certainly dealing with unprecedented grounds. Our model is not for a quick rebound. Our model is things go down, as I said, and they reset. The economy shrinks and then it doesn’t' rebound, it builds from a lower base effectively."

Clearly in the last few days of the Bush Administration the titans of the American economy were keenly  aware there was a "new" new world order.  Yet the media in America keeps reporting surprise that there is a jobs crisis.  There should be no surprise.   A decade of poor management has broken the world economy.  This will not get fixed soon.  Look around.  This will not get fixed soon.  It will not get fixed with an election. It will not get fixed with tax cuts or spending cuts.  It only get’s fixed when the world economy gets fixed because in the 21st century everything is interconnected.  And fixing the world economy is going to take decades.

This is the new normal.  Historical echoes of what you see around you today will follow you  for decades if not the rest of your life. As college students this means that you need a plan a clever, elegant, pragmatic plan.  A plan, that leads you successfully through college to the career or graduate school of your choice. For many of you this is going to be harder than ever before.   The good news is that this goal is still –totally – possible.