Transferring Credits

I already advised you that credits were like a commodity - you should buy low and sell high. So it’s time we really talked about the nuts and bolts of transferring credits. I usually go into some detail about why things are the way they are so you have a better sense of how to navigate the bureaucracy. This is not the case with transferring credits. The system behind transferring credits is so complex even the people actually doing it need to refer to stacks of books to guide them. For that reason, I am going to concentrate on how to get things done rather than how things work. Like many things in the realm of college there are problems and exceptions but there are also solutions. Let’s get started.

Pretend you have a credit in any class you like. Think of it as a bit of gold you have to take to another kingdom far, far away. When you take the gold to the new kingdom they have some questions about this bit of gold. Is it really gold? Is it pure gold? Dose this bit of gold weigh as much as you say it does? This is pretty much the same issue that schools have with credits.

How do you prove that your bit of gold is everything the kingdom you are trying to transfer it to is looking for in a bit of gold? Well, different situations call for different solutions . . .