This Thing Called College

A university is what a college becomes when the faculty loses interest in students. -- John Ciardi

I got a good start at dispelling many of the common misconceptions about higher education but I still have more work to do. Not every place that is called a college, university, or institute deserves the name. For instance, when I was a Yoda-sized youngling I had my hair cut once at the barber college. Trust me, no one was reading Shakespeare there. Judging from my haircut they seemed obsessed with Moe from The Three Stooges.

I want to lay out some important things in this chapter. First, I want to explain all the different types of colleges and the types of degrees they offer. Once I have achieved this brilliant and Herculean task I want to talk about accreditation and transferring credits between colleges. Some numbers suggest that in any given year one-third of colleges seniors will have transferred credits. If you start to think about the number of students who never make it to their senior year that’s a lot of people who will transfer and one of them may be you.

Community/Junior Colleges: Community college, a.k.a county college, junior college, technical college, or a city college, traditionally has had two main purposes. Junior college and community college used to be interchangeable terms. Community colleges are almost always public. There are probably less than a hundred private two year colleges. For example there are five military junior colleges in America and they are all private. They are out there but they are rare and getting rarer. . .