The Easiest Route to the Most Valuable Degree

So far I have done my best to put together a rough sketch of the system of higher education. It’s a tricky task. The sketch has to be brief enough that you will read and remember it. But it also has to be detailed enough so that it is worth reading. It has to be applicable to everyone but not bore everyone in the process.

What I have thus far failed to do is outline a real map through college. It’s an impossible task. Super Mario Brothers was a two dimensional platform game; if you did this thing at that time, the result would always be the same. Neither college nor life is like that.

That said, I am going to give you a narrative guide, some thoughts combined with a story, which is my best broad advice on understanding the system of college in the United States of America at the beginning of the 21st century. Put on your explorer’s hat and get your whip, young Indiana Jones, because here we go!

Now you may have known from birth what you wanted your college major to be. More than likely, you’re like most college students. You have at best the vaguest idea of what you might want to major in. I personally changed my intended major once a month for two years. If I could have done it online it would have been once a week . . .